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About RippleRock

RippleRock is expressly set up to assist customers drive dramatic improvements in their software development capability. We apply our expertise across the full lifecycle; facilitating organisational transformation to enable Agile practices, all the way through to improving engineering practices within the teams.

The team at RippleRock have a strong track record in the Agile space, providing access to some of the leading exponents of Lean and Agile thinking in the UK, US and India, with the particular blend of skills required to work with people, process, organisations and tools.

RippleRock was founded in 2009 by Colin Bird, formerly CTO of Conchango and later the Global Head of Agile for EMC Consulting.

RippleRock is engaged with customers in Europe, USA and Asia with offices in UK, USA and India.

RippleRock leadership team

Colin Bird, Founder


Colin is an experienced technical and commercial leader with over 20 years in the IT industry, including the development of many high profile multichannel ecommerce systems. He is passionate about improving software delivery right across the lifecycle, from business idea through to production quality code. This passion has driven him to be an active member of the Agile movement since 2004, helping teams of all sizes adopt Agile techniques to dramatically improve their performance. As Conchango's CTO and later Global Head of Agile for EMC's consulting division, he was responsible for Agile consulting services and tools, including Conchango's Scrum for Team System.

As an active member of the Agile community Colin has built close associations with other thought leaders and contributed new thinking in areas such as scaling Agile techniques to support large programmes.

"When the Agile movement was starting, Colin was there. He understood what it meant. He understood how to help others with it. Then he did something few others did. He put in the hard work to make it within the reach of everyone. We all owe Colin a debt of gratitude."

Ken Schwaber, co-founder of Scrum.

See more: Colin's Scrum Alliance profile. & Colin's blog.

Stuart Preston, CTO


Stuart has worked with many well-respected organisations, helping them deliver technical solutions or improve their software quality through better agile engineering practices, processes and tools. His background in platform architecture and systems development gives him a great breadth and depth of architectural experience.

During Stuart's time at Conchango and EMC he delivered solutions on predominantly Microsoft .NET and Java application stacks with Agile methodologies and helped customers adopt solid ALM practices. He was the technical lead for the team that created the popular Scrum for Team System process template for Visual Studio, demonstrating commitment to Agile engineering practices and the Visual Studio ALM platform.

Stuart steers our work with Application Lifecycle Management tools and is the founder of the UK ALM User Group.

See more: Stuart's blog.

Bazil Arden, Director

Bazil Arden

Bazil has worked with clients in a number of sectors, ranging from oil exploration, to banking and retail. Bazil has a broad business background including marketing at Unilever, running a successful web-based applications company in San Francisco and experience in organisational change management. An experienced consultant, focusing on the end-to-end implementation of Agile at an organisational level, guided by Lean principles. Bazil has helped clients to understand and exploit the broader business context of their software development challenges. Bazil has coached over 20 teams in 7 different countries and therefore has a clear appreciation of the cultural aspects of Agile adoption.