PSYcholocical safety 

Why is this course important?

This programme of workshops and team-coaching sessions will provide your teams with a way into this very important but elusive subject. There is now plenty of evidence that Psychological Safety helps improve key business indicators, however, it is difficult to start to get a team’s mind around the challenge and start to do something about it. 

This programme provides you with an understanding and confidence of the origins and credible underpinning of Psychological Safety. It then provides you with the practical techniques and space to begin to do something about safety in your part of the organisation. 

  • To improve business outcomes by addressing the most important factor in team effectiveness – Psychological Safety.
  • Understand the underlying elements that determine safety. 
  • Learn and begin to use practical techniques to tackle and improve safety.
  • Have a language and framework to enable you to instigate these conversations. 

    This is intended for leaders at all levels and for members of teams. 

    The content and practical skills are relevant to anyone with management responsibility as well as for those who may not be a line-manager like Software Architects, ScrumMasters and Project Managers. 


    There is no certification for this programme of workshops and coaching sessions.  

    • The Team Scan – three to four hours of workshops over two weeks. 
    • Cultivating Safety – twelve hours of workshops & sessions over approximately twelve weeks. 

      There is no prework. 

      Available Dates

      Please contact us to discuss availability and start the conversation around safety in your organisation.

      This is not a public class.

      Our trainers

      Bazil Arden

      Bazil has 20 years experience helping organisations adopt and evolve their Agile ways of working. As a ‘Fearless Organisation Certified Practitioner’ he can help you begin exploration of psychological safety in your teams and start the leadership discussions

      SOPHIE manton

      I love surfacing and pursuing the “difference that’ll make the difference” – whether that’s direct gains from Agile & Lean principles and techniques, or more often through supporting and encouraging growth in the people involved. I draw on a variety of approaches to help people to become more able, creative and innovative in tackling the challenges that they, their teams and organisations face in pursuit of happy and productive environments. 

      Away from work, I am often out exploring the countryside on foot or by bike. I adore nature, however my family are starting to think that they’re living in a garden centre! 

      Senior Coach and Agile Consultant. In addition to Agile certifications, I am a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach, Licenced Psychological Safety Practitioner and NLP Trainer.


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